Welcome to the official home of Double Dee and Steinski! 

We're planning a series of exciting vinyl releases (in limited quantity) with new and classic mixes coming out soon. At the moment we're in production of several new pieces with the aid of ADA of the Bay Area. First up is a track that was originally started about 30 years ago and never really finished. It was performed live once and even bootlegged to vinyl as "The Reunion" - which we had nothing to do with. It's now turned into more than what was originally anticipated so it's taking longer than it should but good things can't be rushed. It was going to be Lesson 4. You don't want to miss it. 

We've also recently been interviewed for CrayonBeats Magazine! CLICK HERE CHECK IT OUT

ADA submitted his throwback mix, the 1984 Mastermix, for the CrayonBeats Throwback Issue #8 inspired by our Lesson Two which was originally created in 1984. Check out ADA's take on The James Brown Mix adding his unique sound and song selection. CHECK IT OUT HERE OR LISTEN BELOW:

At some point in the near future the audio from the interview will be available on the CrayonBeats website.

There's also a book coming out this fall documenting old school hip hop with a full chapter devoted to us! Norwegian rapper Joddski interviewed us over Skype and had some pix taken around the Steinski compound. The book will be in Norwegian at first, we may have to petition for an English version.

Also, check out Steinski at Ralphie's Bop City (http://ralphiesbopcity.com/). Steve Stein has created a new site dedicated to his long running interactive phone message experiment, including an audio collection of some favorite topics. It's "The Home of Fun!" 

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