Lesson 4 vinyl now in Japan and UK!


We’re painfully aware of the costly international shipping charges from US so we’re very happy to have made deals with Juno Records in UK and Delic Records in Japan to make Lesson 4 less expensive for our distant fans. The first box to Juno sold out immediately so we had to rush a second box!


Our new friend Yoshi at Delic Records in Japan just put his shipment up for sale and we’re excited to spread the word about Lesson 4: The Beat to new as well as long time fans!

Click on the logos below to go to the Delic and Juno pages listing Lesson 4: The Beat for sale in Japan or UK.


Lesson 4 vinyl now available in UK from JUNO Records

We’re happy to announce JUNO Records in UK has picked up some copies of Lesson 4 vinyl for sale to the European market. Shipping from US to UK is ridiculously expensive and we realize it’s been a barrier for some people. Hopefully this will help get this record in the hands of more of our fans.

The first batch sold out quickly, and as of now these are still in stock. As you already know, this is very limited pressing. Get it before it’s gone:


Please let us know how it works out for you, tag us on social media @DDSTEINSKI or use the Contact form.


Animated video in the works for Lesson 4: The Beat!


I’d like to make a quick mention of the highly talented artist who is contributing his precious time to create an original animated piece to accompany Lesson 4: The Beat - Timezone LaFontaine!

In the near future there will be an article going more in depth and showcasing some clips of the upcoming work. It’s around half done and it’s looking spectacular!

Timezone LaFontaine also has his own music thing going on at his Bandcamp page, I highly recommend his work!

The cover artwork being used on the EP and single versions of the tracks are grabs taken from the animated work in progress that he’s so generously given us to use as we see fit. Thanks Timezone!


Timezone LaFontaine